A Full Easy 1up Review: Turning “Not-so-Great” Moments Great and Making Big Smiles Bigger

The following Easy 1up review looks at the Easy 1up referral program and how it helps marketers improve the overall experience of their brand. A referral program is basically the concept that if a user wants to share their experience with a brand, they can. They can earn rewards if necessary. There is a system in place where referring is possible and accessible. Through that, the Easy 1up referral program is excellent on two accounts. It makes a not-so-great moment a lot better and a big moment bigger. What does this mean?

The referral program is used to draw traffic and sales, and it accomplishes this with zest. It looks at two moments that are paramount for recommendations. The first is the sale and payment. Obviously, the payment is not the most desirable part of a sale (at least in a literal sense- studies show buying things releases endorphins). But, seeing the money gone is a bit of a drag. It is the moment marketers want to forget. A referral at this point could turn the attention away from the spending and towards the recommending. It takes a moment that is not appealing and makes it appealing by allowing new buyers to recommend a product to a friend. This is one of the major milestones of Facebook and how the product user experience works.

Of course, some moments are wonderfully happy. A referral could lean into that directly by allowing for a referral at that moment. Take, for example, a support team resolution. Perhaps a user just had a problem resolved through the support team. They would then receive a pop-up prompt with a referral option. The referral comes at a great time because the user is happy their problem was resolved. This could apply after they comment on a blog, sign up to a newsletter, or any other times that are interactive and “happy.”

Referrals can be placed at good times and bad times within the user experience. The above review explores the power of the referral and how they can be used to enhance a brand. It is something exquisitely done by Team Mansell.